January 31, 2013

Stitch Fix

Have you heard of StitchFix?  The website is StitchFix.com and the idea is genius.  You go to their website, enter information about your style, body type, clothing needs, etc. and they style you!  Like a real stylist styles you.  It's the poor man's Rachel Zoe in a box!

If you want to sign up and give me a credit for referring you, click here: 

You sign up for the program and only get a "Fix" when you want.  Hooray for no pyramid scheme or contracts!  They send you 5 items they think you will like and it arrives on your doorstep in this tidy little box:

Here's how it works in a nutshell

This is the list of items they sent me.  If I keep all 5 items I get 25% off!  That's a big savings when you  take it off of 5 items.

Here's an example of an item they sent me, which comes with a styling card attached.  Genius!

Style card for the sweater.  I wish I had received the white version in the sample card.  I might have kept that one.

Style card for jeans they sent me.  Extremely muscular legs not included.

Style card for an open front cardigan.

It even came with accessories.

This is the one thing I kept which I got a lot of compliments on.  It was great because I never would have picked it out myself but my "stylist" did and I loved it!
I wore it to bookclub last night so if you saw me wearing it then, and you're reading this now, just act natural.

The best parts about this experience were the convenience, the fact that nothing was over $100, and the fact that I was able to return everything in this prepackaged prepaid USPS bag with no hassle.  I just went online after I sent it, clicked that I was keeping the blouse, was charged for it and that was that.  No waiting to get credit back on your account because it was never taken out in the first place!

Try it!  All you have to lose is a potential $20 styling fee if you keep nothing.  If you keep even one thing the styling fee goes as a credit toward your purchase.  How's that for incentive to keep something :)

I also just discovered CakeStyle.com which appears to be the same business model.  By the way that business model did not excite my husband as much as it did me..."So you're telling me you paid someone to pick out clothes that you have to pay for?"

Silly boys, they just don't get it!

It's so fun to have someone else pick something out for you.  And what a great way to step outside of your normal shopping haunts.  The Gap is going to be hurting for business if I keep this up!...which just goes to show how adventurous my usual style is.

January 30, 2013

Yogi Bear

Sometimes when I take yoga classes and the teachers try to get all deep on my and tell me to feel my inner glow, I just want to do this:


Less talky, more stretchy.

Grocery Adventures

Sometimes at the grocery store I see guys behind the deli counter with hair nets over their goatees.  Now I hate facial in pretty much all scenarios, but a grocery store, hair net covered, goatee is the worst of the worst.


That being said, however, I actually respect the hell out of those guys.  You have to be pretty passionate about your face pubes to think it's worth it to walk around with a net over your face, particularly when there is no independent threat of SARS.

That sort of passionate has to be commended, so hairnets off to you fellas!

January 28, 2013

Not Cool Robert Frost!

This might just be the best thing I've ever seen.  

Introducing the velvety smooth oratory stylings of Kid President, here to pep you up.

My favorite things about his pep talk are the fact that he loves Michael Jordan, not because he was an inspiring athlete, but because he loves Space Jam.  Also, that he still sounds encouraging even when saying "...Unless you're dreams are dumb.  Then just get a better dream!"

Good point, kid!

Nice Try

Really US Magazine?  You're going to show this picture of Quentin Tarantino plugging his nose and just gloss over the fact that his girlfriend's last name is "Spiderbaby".  

You just can't do that.

January 25, 2013

Bringing All Kinds of Sexy Back


In honor of Justin Timberlake's brand new single dropping (yea I said that) this week, I thought it very appropriate of BuzzFeed.com to feature this:

Big Ups to #15 and the debazzled bandana.  #ThugLife4Eva #MickeyMouseClub

And #19.  Simply brill.


January 24, 2013

Opposite Day

I just received an email from Twitter in my inbox with suggestions similar to some other Twitter users I just started following. 
I'm sorry Twitter, but Tyra Banks is not similar to the First Lady (FLOTUS) or the White House.  You know how I know that besides this, this, this, and this?
The fact that her Twitter description is
"Happy YOU Year!!! Beauty is in the SMIZE of the beholder.  Smize..."
Not a real word, T-Bone.  Not a real world.  And certainly not presidential.
Oh and Dane Cook?  Bitch please.

Midnight Train to Annoying

There is a train that runs by my house that I want to punch in the face.
It only cruises by at the most ungodly hours and it honks its horn for at least 20 minutes at a time.  I have a well documented heinous history of sleep troubles, so the Latenight Rudeness Express is no friend of mine.

I've never even heard it during the day, naturally.  It only rears it's obnoxiously loud head circa 3AM and 6AM...like this morning.  But at least Grant and I got some QT together when we were both awoken before out alarm clocks and got to catch up on each others' dreams and such.
I have been so curious since we moved in why this mother freaking train is so horn hostile in the middle of the night.  So I finally did a little research.   The answers might make you giggle: 
This is my favorite response to that question:
"That horn is about 6 feet from my ear, you think I blow the goddam thing because I am bored?? Get real.

It is Federal law, and it is passed because too many people with their head up their asses cant figure to look both ways before crossing tracks so we are required to blow the horn, a LOT!!

Even so, people figure out new and creative ways to get themselves run over every day.

As they say, it's a necessary evil, If you dont like the horn, you will have to move away, because we wont be allowed to stop making all that noise, ever." 


RR engineer


Point taken RR engineer!  And my condolences to the neighbs who have to hear the same thing.  Toot toot...toot...toot...toot...you get the idea.

January 22, 2013

Best Bachelor Ever?


I am loving this season of the Bachelor so far.  But I'm also really sleepy after a big lunch, so please read this amazing recap of last night's episode that I am too tired to attempt myself:
My favorite observations in this hilarious recap are all about Kacie, who I loved in Ben's season but inexplicably find sad and unfortunate this time around:
"Biggest Rookie Mistake: As Bachelor contestants and toddlers are wont to do, Desiree and Amanda are bickering. Kacie B., who has been a contestant before, decides to report the behavior to Sean. “Why are you saying something to me? They both seem fine,” he responds. When she complains that the drama is making her uncomfortable, he adds, “I want you to act like Kacie, not like this crazy person I see.” Lindsay, the substitute teacher who told Sean that he’s everything she wants in a husband during their five minutes together, gets the rose and Kacie tries not to ugly cry on camera."
"The Rose Ceremony: Sean saunters into the room where all the women stand on risers waiting for their fate. He announces that he is confident that he will find the woman he wants to marry in that room, but before he hands out any roses, he needs to talk to Kacie, who appears to be wearing a scuba diving dress."

"Kindest Let Down: Sean pulls Kacie outside and tells her that he has “too much respect” for her to make her “stand through another rose ceremony.” So he sends her home in a mini-van. Guess Sarah’s dog got the last limo."

January 20, 2013

Ice Cream Sundays - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

This week's flavor is a classic - Chocolate Chip Cook Dough.
This combines two of my absolute favorite things, Vanilla Ice Cream and gooey balls of yum that thwart the path of my spoon. 
The best quality of this ice cream is it's versatility.  It can stand up completely on it's own and be delicious.  But it is also mild enough to be a bed for a variety of toppings, such as Nutella, Hershey's Syrup, Magic Shell (blast from the past which I couldn't resist buying!). 
Thank you Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough for being so many things to so many people.  You're the doughiest!

Flavors Tried - 38

January 17, 2013

Backyard Produce

Recently I signed up for an awesome program called Backyard Produce - website here.

I have only received 2 boxes thus far, but so far I love it!  It's such a good vehicle to try new and healthy things.  I am currently enrolled in the "Flying Solo" program which is $25 per week.  At first that sounded kind of steep because this was all I got in my first box:

This is the box that appears on my doorstep each Tuesday.  It's like Produce Christmas once a week!
The first thing Grant said was, "...That's it?"

But then I realized I can order smarter than this.  So this was my next order:

Rainbow Carrots!  Butternut Squash!  Green beans!  Fresh bread!  Tangelos!  Cucumbers!  All organic!!!

This week the Flying Solo basket has proven to be more than enough food for a few dinner sides (and mains).  Mama knows how to stretch a dollar! 

My favorite part about this program is that it inspires me to make dishes I wouldn't have otherwise made because I wouldn't have otherwise bought certain vegetables.  Take for instance this amazing pasta I made last night.

Normally I would never make a) Pasta or b) a Vegetarian dish.  But boy was I glad I did!  I used this recipe from Giada - Penne with Butternut Squash and Goat Cheese - (but I used whole grain bow tie) and it knocked my socks off. 
If you don't watch the Food Network religiously like I do than you might not know this amazing tidbit - You don't need to add cream to have a creamy pasta sauce!  All you need to do is add cheese to hot pasta than add some of the pasta water that you cooked the pasta in.  The combination of those two ingredients makes a creamy sauce that coats each piece of pasta and provides decadence to the max.  Added cream and fat is for the birds!
I can't wait to see what I can get in my box next week.  This is so fun.  It's like a food challenge/mystery each week.  Challenge accepted!  It feels great to eat fresh, organic produce while supporting NC farmers. Win, win, win!...Then eat :)





The one and only Ina Garten responded to my Facebook query about which Le Creuset pot to buy.  I never in a million years dreamed that she would respond but, because she is so amazing and classy, she did!


Thank you Ina!

Dumb Lyrics

I was just listening to this song on the radio and there were soooo many dumb lyrics that I wanted to blog about.  And then I heard this, the pis de resistance:

"If I got one life to live, i'mma party til i'm dead
What the hell is a life worth living if it's not on the edge
Tryna keep my balance i'm twisted so just in case I fall
Written on my tombstone should say women, weed and alcohol"

Shut the f*ck up Luda.  Just shut the f*ck up. 
I hope that you are a roll model to no one ever, because that is simply not good advice.  Also, you forgot to mention a little thing called MONEY!  Surely that's on your list of wholesome priorities too?!
Cover your ears, kids!

Wheel of Youth

I have really started to wonder what they have in the water over at Wheel of Fortune.  I just saw a commercial with Pat Sajak in it and I just have to say - The man does NOT age!
Exhibit A: The only difference in these pictures, taken decades apart, is the spike of his haircut.  In fact he appears to have less wrinkles present day.

Exhibit B: Vannah White - Never worn the same dress twice, hasn't aged a day since 1983 when the show debuted.
Clearly from the 80s!                                                     Present Day

How do they do it?  What is the water?  What is in the wheel? How do I get some?! 
I want to dress up all day, learn cool expressions, and giveaway money while never aging.  Before and After, anyone?!  That's some nice work if you can get it.  

January 16, 2013

Along the Watchtower

Yesterday I was sitting at my desk minding my own beeswax when one of many disobeyers of the "NO SOLICITING" sign walked into our office.

She told me her name and that she was "calling on local businesses" and then she gave me some magazines.  I got excited...for about half a second.

I'm sorry, Paula, but don't walk in all normal like you are going to give me a bunch of coupons or the Wilmington's Guide to Awesomeness and Fun and then give me this:
You can never be too prepared!   For paranoia and asteroids.
This baby is from 2005.  Thanks for the old, hypothetical question that can't be answered.  I needed more of those in my life.

Soooo specific
Used!  And also from 2005.
First of all, I didn't even know this was an OK question to ask.
Second of all, judging by the first sentence inside the magazine, the answer, according to the Jehovah's Kingdom, is a resounding NO.
Dayum!  Tell me what you really think.

Paula, next time, unless you have coupons for free burritos somewhere, save your paper, save your cardio up the steps, and save your time! We're not buying any crazy today!

January 15, 2013

And the winner is...

Using Random.Org, I randomly generated the following integer for the Darden Restaurant group giveaway:
Which means the winner is Alison from www.coupon-kitchen.com/, a local friend and blogger/writer on the rise.  You've got to check out her website.  She is the queen of deals and coupons, two of my favorite things!
Alison send your address to divasayswhat@gmail.com and I'll send the gift card your way :)  Happy dining!

Deals, Deals Everywhere!

I meant to send this out days ago, but better late than never, right?  Today is the last day to get a BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) on two of my absolute favorite items at Harris Teeter. 

You can get these pork tenderloins and make this recipe - Party Pork Tenderloin
And buy these for lunch or dinner.  With the special this ends up being only $2.50 per can.  What a cheap date!  And look at that variety.  There's something for everyone.  Even Vegans.
What's that you say?  You don't want two of either thing?  No problem.  Did you know that BOGO basically means 1/2 off.  You can just buy one pack of tenderloin and it will be half off.  Same with the soup.  No need to purchase more than you want.
Today is the last day for both deals so go stock up and rest assured that, if it ever dips below 78 this winter, you will have some soul warming soup to soothe you and some hearty pork to keep you full!

Face Time

I don't know which is more unbelievable - The fact that Lil Wayne got the word "BAKED" tattooed on his forehead?  Or the fact that this is "news" (granted, according to US Weekly....).
Regardless, you are now informed.  Whether you like it or not!

January 14, 2013

Golden Globes 2013

Who watched the Golden Globes last night?  I thought it was a pretty classy affair with nothing too crazy to comment on. 
However, there were a few unusual things that made me say, "Huh?"
First, Anne Hathaway.  Most awkward acceptance speech ever?  Trying to tell jokes while on the verge of sobbing will not garner laughter.  Just looks of confusion and horror from the audience.  Next time, you'll know.
Second, was Lena Dunham wearing ski boots under her dress?  I've never seen anyone have such a hard time walking up to a stage.  Her heavy gait reminded me of my trip to Aspen last year.
Lastly - After his win was announced, Daniel Day Lewis kissed two women directly on the lips.  At least one of them had to have been pretty pissed about that.
 And one more final thought - Tiny Fey and Amy Poehler should host everything.

January 13, 2013

Giveaway Again

No Ice Cream Sunday today.  I am going to have to take a break from all the ice cream for a while.  Before I started my Ben and Jerry's journey, I didn't even care about ice cream.  Now if I don't have a sweet after dinner I start to turn into a major sad face.  That's why I'm quitting, at least for a week.  I'm hardcore like that.
I'm just back today for a final reminder to enter my giveaway. 
Details here - $25 Giftcard Giveaway!

The odds are still favor much in your favor, favor to win, and favor to go eat endless salad and breadsticks at Olive Garden if you win.  There's no risk to enter.  Just a few clicks and you're one step closer to a lil' boutique super duper American chain restaurant.  Ain't that America!?  Sign up now!

January 10, 2013

Test Your Cluelessness

Were you born in the late 70's or 80's, thus making you an impressionable pre-teen or teenager during the mid-90s?
If you then you need to take this quiz - How Well Do You Know "Clueless"?
I only scored a shameful 15 out of 22, but I giggled the whole way through it. Clueless is truly one of the greats.
Oh memories - Travis Birkenstock, Rollin' With the Homies, and Herbal Refreshments.  The great stuff of 1995.  How I longed for Cher's closet! 
Even though I only scored 68% on this test, I bet I could still annoyingly recite every line while watching it.  When you see a classic like that 1,800 times, the script really, like, OMG, sticks with you!

Hairdid? Or Hairdont?

I am getting my haircut this weekend.  If you want to see some styles I was originally considering, check out my Pinterest "Hairdid" board.  After deciding I can no longer live with a stick straight blunt cut that always ends up in a severe pony bop, I was going to ask for a "long bob".  What do you think, would that suit me?  Can I pull it off?
This is what I was going for:
But then I got wind of this amazing creations and decided to just go all bangs, all the way.  CLIP ON BANGS
These babies are severe!  It's like, "Hey.  I'm just walking along the street.  Lah de dah, dah dee dah.   BANGS!  FOREHEAD!  BANGS AND FOREHEAD!"
I do think it'd be fun to try fake bangs just to see what they'd look like.  However, I do not believe that anyone would actually think these are real because if it were to be that the angle of the dangle of these bangs were real, then if baby girl ever pulled her hair back she would have the most epically large forehead range this side of incest.  Bangs don't start in the middle of your skull.
Trust me, I used to be an expert:
I was also an expert on exceptionally small hats.