January 08, 2013

Be Advised - No Mas Fajitas

In case you were planning on going to K38 on Oleander in Wilmington anytime soon, be advised:  You will be devastated.
It's closing for renovations for 2 months and I could not be more displeased about it.  I love it so.
Sure there are other locations in town, but none are as convenient.  None know me as well (they don't know me at all).  Plus I just need time to grieve. 
I went last night for my last feast for at least 2 months.  I almost cried in my black beans.
What will happen to the delightful waitstaff in this interim?  Will I be invited to the grand re-opening?  How many calories and dollars will I unwillingly save by not eating here at least once a week?
So many questions, so little fajitas.  Temporary RIP K38.  You will not soon be forgotten or replaced.

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