April 22, 2012

Ice Cream Sundays - Creme Brulee

Forget ordering desserts at restaurants.  Just go get this flavor of Ben and Jerry's and you will feel like you are dining on the creamiest batch of Creme Brulee you've ever sank your teeth into.  And the best part is, you won't even have that residual burned sugar stickiness left in your teeth. 

I can't explain why, because the sugar clumps in this ice cream taste like freshly torched sugar, but it just doesn't stick to your teeth like the real thing.  Bonus, in my book.

It is also amazingly creamy.  You know how when you first open a pint of ice cream it is at it's absolute creamiest, most virgin state?  Cherish that with this flavor, because when coupled with the inherent custard-like texture of this ice cream, the maiden voyage of spoon to new-pint will never be as good.


Flavors Tried - 22

Favorite Flavor - Tied between Mint Chocolate Cookie and Creme Brulee (they are too different to pick a winner.  I want them both in my life.)

1 comment:

  1. What?! I did not even know this existed! This is bad knowledge to have. I love Ben & Jerry's AND creme brulee...lethal combo. I'm glad I know about your blog now and instantly became a follower!