January 17, 2013

Wheel of Youth

I have really started to wonder what they have in the water over at Wheel of Fortune.  I just saw a commercial with Pat Sajak in it and I just have to say - The man does NOT age!
Exhibit A: The only difference in these pictures, taken decades apart, is the spike of his haircut.  In fact he appears to have less wrinkles present day.

Exhibit B: Vannah White - Never worn the same dress twice, hasn't aged a day since 1983 when the show debuted.
Clearly from the 80s!                                                     Present Day

How do they do it?  What is the water?  What is in the wheel? How do I get some?! 
I want to dress up all day, learn cool expressions, and giveaway money while never aging.  Before and After, anyone?!  That's some nice work if you can get it.  

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