January 09, 2013

Oh My Mariah

Just when you thought Pinterest made you look bad for not having the time and creativity to homemake your baby's food or make a milk necklace out of your own breast milk (no, really - Milk Necklace)...
According to Star Magazine and this website, "Star Magazine reports that the singer, and 'American Idol' judge Mariah Carey uses $1900 La Mer cream on her twins' - Monroe and Moroccan - bottoms. The magazine also says that she uses bottled water for their bubble baths."
This really puts the pressure on other moms out there to step up their ass cream regimen!  Oh wait...No, no it doesn't.  This just really puts pressure on Mariah Carey to out-ridiculous herself in the next story about her hygiene antics.

Oh, Mariah.  Will wonders never cease?

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