January 10, 2013

Test Your Cluelessness

Were you born in the late 70's or 80's, thus making you an impressionable pre-teen or teenager during the mid-90s?
If you then you need to take this quiz - How Well Do You Know "Clueless"?
I only scored a shameful 15 out of 22, but I giggled the whole way through it. Clueless is truly one of the greats.
Oh memories - Travis Birkenstock, Rollin' With the Homies, and Herbal Refreshments.  The great stuff of 1995.  How I longed for Cher's closet! 
Even though I only scored 68% on this test, I bet I could still annoyingly recite every line while watching it.  When you see a classic like that 1,800 times, the script really, like, OMG, sticks with you!

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