January 04, 2013

Massage Says Bye Bye

Asians are really smart to have invented a patented "fist bump bye bye" end of massage indication.  In those scenarios you know you are no longer eligible to receive lusciousness.  You are the weakest link.  Good-bye!  On to the next one.
American end-of-massages are sooo awkward....
*In a relaxed baby voice, Masseuse: "Ok...(pats you on the shoulders)...you are all done...Take your time..."
In regular voice, me: "Ok thanks".  Then I wait for the person to leave for 3 minutes while I sit there in vulnerable position unable to move lest I have an accidental nip slip.  Then you have to go outside looking like a disheveled, greasy, hot mess.  They tell you to drink lots of water (never understood why), then cordially escort you as if you are a fragile baby who might collapse at any time.
When it comes to an ending, I like mine Asian - efficient, effective, and to the point. 
But really, when it comes to massages, I'll take one from a native of just about anywhere.

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