January 08, 2013

Bathroom - Before and After

Get. Exc. Ited!  I have a new before and after from my house.  Nothing special really, just a bathroom.  But it has made a major difference in the overall feeling of the room. 
Where once it was a heinous shade of matte eggplant purple (why former owner?  why?!)...
Vom, Vom, Eggplant Vom

It is now a "faux finish" blue and white striped happy place to be. 
This was the first time I have had anything professionally painted and, can I just say, what I lost in money I gained in time spent with my husband not screaming at each other over who has to put up the painter's tape.  Painting is a legit marriage ruiner.  At least in my experience, which has consisting of piss-poor-paint-performance and every 4 letter word I know.
Thanks to some perfectly matching new monogrammed towels and a preppy new shower curtain my MIL gave me for Christmas, I am styling and profiling each time I get ready in the updated bathroom.
It's amazing what a little paint can do to spruce up a place!  Where one I was bland and inexplicably purple, now I am bright and cheery.

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