January 31, 2013

Stitch Fix

Have you heard of StitchFix?  The website is StitchFix.com and the idea is genius.  You go to their website, enter information about your style, body type, clothing needs, etc. and they style you!  Like a real stylist styles you.  It's the poor man's Rachel Zoe in a box!

If you want to sign up and give me a credit for referring you, click here: 

You sign up for the program and only get a "Fix" when you want.  Hooray for no pyramid scheme or contracts!  They send you 5 items they think you will like and it arrives on your doorstep in this tidy little box:

Here's how it works in a nutshell

This is the list of items they sent me.  If I keep all 5 items I get 25% off!  That's a big savings when you  take it off of 5 items.

Here's an example of an item they sent me, which comes with a styling card attached.  Genius!

Style card for the sweater.  I wish I had received the white version in the sample card.  I might have kept that one.

Style card for jeans they sent me.  Extremely muscular legs not included.

Style card for an open front cardigan.

It even came with accessories.

This is the one thing I kept which I got a lot of compliments on.  It was great because I never would have picked it out myself but my "stylist" did and I loved it!
I wore it to bookclub last night so if you saw me wearing it then, and you're reading this now, just act natural.

The best parts about this experience were the convenience, the fact that nothing was over $100, and the fact that I was able to return everything in this prepackaged prepaid USPS bag with no hassle.  I just went online after I sent it, clicked that I was keeping the blouse, was charged for it and that was that.  No waiting to get credit back on your account because it was never taken out in the first place!

Try it!  All you have to lose is a potential $20 styling fee if you keep nothing.  If you keep even one thing the styling fee goes as a credit toward your purchase.  How's that for incentive to keep something :)

I also just discovered CakeStyle.com which appears to be the same business model.  By the way that business model did not excite my husband as much as it did me..."So you're telling me you paid someone to pick out clothes that you have to pay for?"

Silly boys, they just don't get it!

It's so fun to have someone else pick something out for you.  And what a great way to step outside of your normal shopping haunts.  The Gap is going to be hurting for business if I keep this up!...which just goes to show how adventurous my usual style is.


  1. My Rocky Mount friend told me about this! She got a cute top out of it as well and raved about her experience. It is a really interesting concept. Did you mean the poor man's Rachel Ray or Rachel Zoe? Eh, tomayto-tomahto!

  2. Good catch! I meant Rachel Zoe. I changed it :) Thanks for catching that.