January 14, 2013

Golden Globes 2013

Who watched the Golden Globes last night?  I thought it was a pretty classy affair with nothing too crazy to comment on. 
However, there were a few unusual things that made me say, "Huh?"
First, Anne Hathaway.  Most awkward acceptance speech ever?  Trying to tell jokes while on the verge of sobbing will not garner laughter.  Just looks of confusion and horror from the audience.  Next time, you'll know.
Second, was Lena Dunham wearing ski boots under her dress?  I've never seen anyone have such a hard time walking up to a stage.  Her heavy gait reminded me of my trip to Aspen last year.
Lastly - After his win was announced, Daniel Day Lewis kissed two women directly on the lips.  At least one of them had to have been pretty pissed about that.
 And one more final thought - Tiny Fey and Amy Poehler should host everything.

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  1. Tina and Amy are two of my favorite people ever...you would think that they couldn't get any better but the two of them together was like watching superheros join forces haha. Love the fashion recap!