January 07, 2013

More Juice, Less Cash

Did you know that buying bulk can sometimes be astronomically more cost effective than buying a la carte.  I'm not talking about Costco.  That place is where spare change goes to die.

I'm talking about your run of the mill lemons and such.

Check out this big bag of lemons at the Harris Teeter everyday low price of $1.97.  This basically means that if are buying anymore than two lemons (usually $0.69 a piece), than you will save money by buying a bag of 12.  Sure, you might not use them all before they grow foreign matter on their skin, but you are saving money people! 

Do you want to know the best part?  Most of the time if you are buying more than 2 lemons at a time it's because you need lots of fresh lemon juice.  Obvi.  These lemons, because they are close to meeting their maker, are at their absolute juiciest state. 

So to recap - the lemons are cheaper and the juice is ripe for the taking.  Winner, winner, lemon chicken dinner.

Next we have onions.  Same situation, minus the juice.  If you are going to buy more than 2 onions for, say, an onion pie.  Or if you plan on sauteing a lot of items for dinner this week, buy in bulk!  For the everyday low price of $1.97 you get about 10 onions.  That's like 20 cents per onion!

The same goes for bulk potatoes and bulk bags of apples.  Get 'em while they're hot...Or don't.  It doesn't matter because it's the EVERY DAY low price!

You can use your spare change to get a mani/pedi :)

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