January 24, 2013

Midnight Train to Annoying

There is a train that runs by my house that I want to punch in the face.
It only cruises by at the most ungodly hours and it honks its horn for at least 20 minutes at a time.  I have a well documented heinous history of sleep troubles, so the Latenight Rudeness Express is no friend of mine.

I've never even heard it during the day, naturally.  It only rears it's obnoxiously loud head circa 3AM and 6AM...like this morning.  But at least Grant and I got some QT together when we were both awoken before out alarm clocks and got to catch up on each others' dreams and such.
I have been so curious since we moved in why this mother freaking train is so horn hostile in the middle of the night.  So I finally did a little research.   The answers might make you giggle: 
This is my favorite response to that question:
"That horn is about 6 feet from my ear, you think I blow the goddam thing because I am bored?? Get real.

It is Federal law, and it is passed because too many people with their head up their asses cant figure to look both ways before crossing tracks so we are required to blow the horn, a LOT!!

Even so, people figure out new and creative ways to get themselves run over every day.

As they say, it's a necessary evil, If you dont like the horn, you will have to move away, because we wont be allowed to stop making all that noise, ever." 


RR engineer


Point taken RR engineer!  And my condolences to the neighbs who have to hear the same thing.  Toot toot...toot...toot...toot...you get the idea.


  1. every.flippin'.mornin'. it's unreal. i feel your pain!

  2. Me too. Genna spent the night one night and thought it was coming through the window.