January 30, 2013

Grocery Adventures

Sometimes at the grocery store I see guys behind the deli counter with hair nets over their goatees.  Now I hate facial in pretty much all scenarios, but a grocery store, hair net covered, goatee is the worst of the worst.


That being said, however, I actually respect the hell out of those guys.  You have to be pretty passionate about your face pubes to think it's worth it to walk around with a net over your face, particularly when there is no independent threat of SARS.

That sort of passionate has to be commended, so hairnets off to you fellas!


  1. I was just thinking about this yesterday! I went on a tour of one of our Coke production facilities and some of the guys that work there have to wear beard nets. I'm like - why don't you just shave?! I had to wear a hairnet - it was lovely.

  2. Ha amazing. I'd love to see you in a hairnet!