January 10, 2013

Hairdid? Or Hairdont?

I am getting my haircut this weekend.  If you want to see some styles I was originally considering, check out my Pinterest "Hairdid" board.  After deciding I can no longer live with a stick straight blunt cut that always ends up in a severe pony bop, I was going to ask for a "long bob".  What do you think, would that suit me?  Can I pull it off?
This is what I was going for:
But then I got wind of this amazing creations and decided to just go all bangs, all the way.  CLIP ON BANGS
These babies are severe!  It's like, "Hey.  I'm just walking along the street.  Lah de dah, dah dee dah.   BANGS!  FOREHEAD!  BANGS AND FOREHEAD!"
I do think it'd be fun to try fake bangs just to see what they'd look like.  However, I do not believe that anyone would actually think these are real because if it were to be that the angle of the dangle of these bangs were real, then if baby girl ever pulled her hair back she would have the most epically large forehead range this side of incest.  Bangs don't start in the middle of your skull.
Trust me, I used to be an expert:
I was also an expert on exceptionally small hats.

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