January 22, 2013

Best Bachelor Ever?


I am loving this season of the Bachelor so far.  But I'm also really sleepy after a big lunch, so please read this amazing recap of last night's episode that I am too tired to attempt myself:
My favorite observations in this hilarious recap are all about Kacie, who I loved in Ben's season but inexplicably find sad and unfortunate this time around:
"Biggest Rookie Mistake: As Bachelor contestants and toddlers are wont to do, Desiree and Amanda are bickering. Kacie B., who has been a contestant before, decides to report the behavior to Sean. “Why are you saying something to me? They both seem fine,” he responds. When she complains that the drama is making her uncomfortable, he adds, “I want you to act like Kacie, not like this crazy person I see.” Lindsay, the substitute teacher who told Sean that he’s everything she wants in a husband during their five minutes together, gets the rose and Kacie tries not to ugly cry on camera."
"The Rose Ceremony: Sean saunters into the room where all the women stand on risers waiting for their fate. He announces that he is confident that he will find the woman he wants to marry in that room, but before he hands out any roses, he needs to talk to Kacie, who appears to be wearing a scuba diving dress."

"Kindest Let Down: Sean pulls Kacie outside and tells her that he has “too much respect” for her to make her “stand through another rose ceremony.” So he sends her home in a mini-van. Guess Sarah’s dog got the last limo."

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