May 05, 2011

Sleepy Drunky

Last night I was talking to my dad about how I haven’t been sleeping much these days because I’m stressed about moving, finding a job, impending travels, etc.

Good news! I solved both problems.

First, I drank lots of wine so I slept like a baby.

Second, I woke up to find my husband sleeping on the couch, wearing the same clothes he went out in last night. He played a raucous game of Bar Golf with his buddies and must have “accidentally” fallen asleep on the couch.

And just like that, I wasn’t stressed about finding a job anymore. Because I’m not going to get one! I’m going to get wasted at nights and watch TV all day!

I’m just kidding. He deserves to have fun because he’s graduating from Grad School. But that doesn’t mean I can’t save the mental image of him sleeping on the couch on a Thursday morning if I ever get blue during my job search!

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