May 04, 2011

Best In Smoke, No Dogs Allowed

As you know, I am obsessed with the Food Network. My husband hates it mostly, but if there’s a good show about meat or grilling, he will humor me and tune in.

So I was very excited to see a preview for a new grilling show that I hoped we could both watch. He told me to record it and so I did. I couldn’t remember the exact name of it but knew it was something about “Pit Master” or “Smokeshow” or something like that.

When I found “Pit Boss” on the list, I thought “BINGO!” Finally something we can watch together.

Saturday morning finally came. After stalking the allusive Season 3 second disc of “Dexter” that refuses to come in on Netflix and is being held hostage at the local Blockbuster, we were so happy to have Pit Boss to watch. We have absolute nothing in common when it comes to Television preferences.

He only likes baseball. I like anything except for baseball.

Well you can imagine my delight when I play the first episode and realize that it is this show.

A show about a midget who tames and rescues Pit Bulls. First of all, womp womp. Second of all, how the hell is this even a show!? I don’t want to see a show about midgets or pit bulls. And I definitely don’t want to see them together.

Seriosuly, what are chances?! I laughed so hard I cried. And then I got really bored because I didn't have anything to watch.

It turns out the show is really called “Best in Smoke” and it premiers this Sunday. Let’s try this again!

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