May 02, 2011

The Circle of Life

It's official. The world just gained two future divas and lost one heinous beast.

Mariah Carey finally gave birth to the allusive twins
in her stomach, on the day of her 3rd wedding anniversary to her baby daddy Nick Cannon. Details here.

I am still waiting on pins and needles to learn the babies names, which have not yet been released. However I am placated by my knowledge that the "couple listened to Mariah's 'We Belong Together' after the children were born."

That is awesome for 2 reasons. 1) It's the best song ever. 2) It has less than nothing to do with babies being born. If you check out the lyrics here you will see that the song is more about a lovers' quarrel and Bobby Womack on the radio. Certainly not about bringing twins in the world.

Eh, what are you gonna do? That's trademark Mariah. Don't question the crazy.

In semi-related news, how PISSED do you think she was that her birth announcement was upstaged by the death of the most well-known face of terror!?

I bet she played "Hero" all night, sobbing in the bathtub, to remind herself that's she is still the most important.

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