May 02, 2011

This is normal

Still no word on the names...but in other Mariah #dembabies news...Al Sharpton has just entered the picture.

Like any new parents, Mariah and Nick celebrated the birth of their babies by calling their ol' buddy Al to perform a renewal of their vows.

"To celebrate both their anniversary and their new arrivals, Cannon and Carey had the Rev. Al Sharpton swing by the hospital for a prayer and wedding vow renewal ceremony. " Source

What happened to the traditional celebratory champagne, or even a casual "Masal Tov"?

I'm actually shocked that Mariah would have any sort of ceremony without her physique in tip top shape. What's the point in celebrating if you can't reveal ample cleavage and a taute tummy?

Motherhood has already changed her.

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