May 19, 2011

Returning, On a jet plane (x4)

Would you believe me if I told you I'd been in Greece for the last 10 days, only to return tonight?! It's true!

I just didn't want to mention that before because of safety reasons. Haha, jk. I always see people say that on their blogs and it makes me laugh because they must think people care that much where they are and/or are going to break into their houses or something?!

I am well aware that no one of sufficient malice reads my blog and is going to stalk me or rob my house...which is only full of plastic cups and frozen blueberries anyway.

Nevertheless, I am returning to the motherland tonight around 5:30pm. That will be 12:30 "my" time (AKA Greece time). Because I'm fancy like that.

That means that I've been writing these past posts to you from my past, future self! Spooky!!

It also means that tomorrow I head to the beach to host a bachelorette party. Considering I'm going to 7 hours ahead of the rest of the ladies, I'm either going to be a zombie bridesmaid, or feining for a cocktail at high noon Eastern Standard Time.

It's good to be back!...I think, I wrote this on May 4 so I'm only guessing. Te he he.

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  1. I knew but didn't tell about your trip. I'll bet everyone is wondering why you haven't mentioned Mariah and the babies!! Mamacita is over the Atlantic at this very moment....Welcome Home.