May 04, 2011

The Names Are In!!!!!!!!!!!!

And they are...awesomely weird by unfortunately underwhelming. Article here.

After what can only be described as a 3 day torture session, Mariah Carey has finally revealed the names of #dembabies!

And the names are: Moroccan Scott Cannon and Monroe Cannon. Monroe is the girl.

At least Moroccan is weird as $hit. Monroe is totally flat-tire disappointing. Psssss. Like many others, I was hoping, neigh expecting, something outrageous like Honey Sparkle Butterfly Princess Carey.

A girl can dream!

At least there's still hope that her fans (she calls them #lambily, no clue why) will vote on a redonkulous first outfit for the twins. If you want in on the voting action click here.

I guess that means they've just been going Au Naturale for the last 3 days!?

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