May 24, 2011


It has been quite a whirlwind since I last sat down to do a "real time" post. In the last 2 weeks I have seen my husband graduate Grad School, been to Greece for 10 days, hosted a bachelorette party, gained 5 pounds, called 911 for the second time this year, become the proud renter of a PO Box and a storage unit, and made up 10 beds in 24 hours.

This is an interesting time in my life, indeed. I like when people ask me, "What's new?" these days because my answer is very dramatic. "Everything!"

I'm moving out of my shitbag house, quitting my minimum wage job, and leaving a college town in which I have had 3 friends.

And just because I'm right on track with how life should go, I'm moving to a new city with no job, moving in with my parents, and starting from scratch with friends.

But I couldn't be more excited! For now I'll just make blogging my full time job :) That, and being a stay-at-home nothing.

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