May 31, 2011

The Hotness Fatness

Due to some recent fatness and travels my husband and I have "let ourselves go", as they say.

I decided to try the South Beach Diet, starting today. My husband said he'd do it with me because he wants to lose weight also.

We had our weigh-in yesterday and each figured out how much weight we want to lose.

Everything was going great until about an hour later when he called me to ask what exactly he could eat (he is already living in Wilmington so he's on his own for groceries).

Upon learning that he couldn't eat fruit or bread or drink alcohol for 2 weeks, he immediately proclaimed that it was the stupidest diet ever and he wasn't going to do it.

Now I'm no expert dieter, as my thighs can attest, but I have never quit a diet the day before I've even started it.

Now you just know he is going to exercise and eat healthy for like a day and lose 20 lbs, while I go carb-free/alcohol-free/fun-free for 2 weeks and lose a half a pound. Nonetheless, boys are redonkulous and make no sense.

But they sure do make me laugh!

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