May 17, 2011

This Time Baby I'll Be Calling You

I am so happy that husband got a job in beautiful Wilmington and we get to move there this summer!

However, I am going to have to resist the urge to call him 15 times a day while he’s at work.

See, he hasn’t had a job for the last 2 years because he has been in grad school. That means he has a more flexible day schedule with more breaks for talking on the phone.

I, however, having worked this whole time, have NOT had those breaks. After a few hundred calls in which he wanted to discuss what he should have for lunch or what the weather was like outside, I finally had to put a limit on his phone calls to twice per day or when it was extremely important.

Things were getting embarrassing. I share an office with 2 other people in a tight space.

You can imagine my surprise when one day, I got a third phone call. I figured it must be important.

G: “Who sings that song Bulletproof?”

M: “…Are you kidding me?”

G: “What? It’s a classic.”

M: “Ok thanks. Bye.”

I had to email him the answer because there’s really no pretending to make the name “La Roux” work related…As I do not work for a French cosmetic company.

Time for retribution!!!!!

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