May 24, 2011

Book Review and Giveaway

Recently I was asked to do a book review for The Time-Traveling Fashionista, by Bianca Turetsky. More information about the book can be found here.

This was a cute book about a young girl who is transported back to a glamorous life on the Titanic in 1912 after slipping in to a vintage gown and escaping her hum drum life as a suburban teen. In her "new" old life, she is the lucky owner of a bevy of enviable vintage gowns, which she has coveted for so long in the present day.

And although I felt a little silly on the plane reading a book with pictures in it (I am 27 after all), the illustrations of the dresses are beautiful. It made me instantly wish I was uber rich and only allowed to spend money on dresses. That way I wouldn’t feel guilty. ;)

It was a fun book that any young lady would enjoy as a little escape from bills and bad clothes. And guess what? Now it can be yours. I was also given an extra copy of the book to give away. To enter to win the book, just leave me a comment with what other book you are reading right now or are planning to read this summer, hopefully on the beach!


  1. I am currently reading "What Remains" by Carole Radziwill. Great read for anyone obsessed with the Kennedy clan!

  2. I am currently reading "Something Borrow" by Emily Griffin. I have almost finished it and once I do, I will begin reading "Something Blue" by the same author.

  3. I'm rereading all the classics from high school starting with To Kill a Mockingbird. This book sounds better based solely on the fact that it has pictures. And, is your review going to be on the cover?!?!

  4. I am reading "A Charge to Keep" by Geroge W. Bush! Surprise Surprise! :)

  5. I just finished Hunger Games, which I read in 3 days. SO good. And the best part is that it's the first of a trilogy. It's kind of like Enders Game in a way.