February 13, 2012

Crack is, Indeed, Whack

Can we talk for a minute about Whitney Houston dying?

I know it is sooo sad, and I feel bad for her daughter (for many reasons), but I am just not the least bit shocked.

Remember this, and this, and this? Homegirl had been essentially dying for years.

I think I'm not that sad because the Whitney I knew died years ago when she started free-basing crack in crappy hotel rooms.

I was WAY more devastated when Bernie Mac died. That remains my all-time greatest celebrity mourning of all time. Damn that brother was funny!

This is as alarming to me as it was when Michael Jackson died (i.e., NOT AT ALL). America: When you take drugs for a long time you put yourself at a high risk of dying. This is not new information.

If you are allowed to be surprised that Whitney Houston died, then I get to be surprised that pizza won't make me skinny. Fair enough?

Also, when you marry Bobby Brown, bad things are likely to happen. If you need the answers to anymore highly obvious questions, hit me up. I'll be here all day.

1 comment:

  1. I wasn't necessarily surprised but I was totally holding onto that glimmer of hope that she would get herself together and come back with an amazing album.

    My most devastating celebrity death falls in the same category of "shock" as Whitney...Chris Farley.