February 14, 2012

Low Emissions, High Reactions

I drive a Hybrid. Did I already tell you that?

It's awesome for 2 reason:

1) Good for the environment (at least allegedly)

2) Awesome for people's reactions when you come to a complete stop and your car shuts off.

If I had a dollar for everything someone freaked out in the passenger side about my car shutting down, I'd have about 15 dollars.

"Ummm, I don't want to alarm you, but your car just died." Haha, no it didn't. I'm just Captain Planet in the flesh.

Last week I went thru the Chik Fil'a drive thru and got one of my best reactions yet. The woman behind the counter started handing me my Lemonade and then realized my car shut off.

*Dramatic Pause*

Her: "Oh shoot girl! Your car just died!"

Me: "Actually it just does that when I stop, it's a hybrid."

Her: "Well I got a car just like that and it don't do that."

Me: "They actually stopped making them a few years ago."

Her: "Yea...Because mine definitely don't do that."

Pure bliss - I get to save the planet and stoopify people everywhere I go. Truly a dream come true...Now, if I could just find that tater-tot I dropped under my seat that very same day.

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