February 16, 2012

Happiness on the Web

I'm obsessed. Click each link below. British accents and pop music at their finest.

It all started with this - Sophia Grace and Rosie sing Super Bass and post to YouTube.

Then Ellen noticed and brought them on her show and this cuteness magic happened -
Sophie Grace and Rosie sing with Nicki Minaj

Then they get to come back and explain their magic fairies to Ellen - Fairy tunnels!!

Then, proving that they are more then just R&B singers - They rap

Then, those lucky sons of guns got to go to the Grammy's - And meet so many celebrities

Basically they are living my dream! But are way cuter doing it.

Also, Sophia Grace's spunk reminds me soo much of my sister. She has no fear of being on stage and I respect the hell out of that! I'm definitely more of the silent "hype girl". I know all the words but I'll be damned if I'm going to sing them in from of people!

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