February 21, 2012

I cracked the code

To all near and future honeymooners out there: Please stop posting pictures of yourself in your honeymoon suite in a bathrobe with your new spouse.

We know that means you just had sex. And we don't ever need to know that you just had sex.

Same goes for pictures of the bubble baths you are about to take - and have sex in. As well as the pictures of the rose petals on your bed - that you are about to remove so you can get in the bed and have sex.

This is TMI at it's most obvious. And, especially if you are Facebook friends with your parents, it needs to go away immediately. ICK!

1 comment:

  1. Been saying this for YEARS. We don't need to see pics of YOUR honeymoon on Facebook, let alone the bed you are about to put into therapy.

    Don't even get me started about the f*cking pictures of children. We don't care that your kid can look out the window. Congrats....a real scholar.