November 23, 2009

Lost and Found - The Whitney Houston Addition

She's lost that magic touch, it's official.

Compare the montage of her being awesome at the beginning versus the actual mediocre performance that follows.

She didn't belt out, she didn't sweat profusely, and she apparently didn't even suck in in that tight, tight white dress. She's lost it.

Futhermore, I disagree that she should've gotten an award essentially for quitting drugs and singing again. How about those of us who never started doing drugs? Don't I get anything?

In other Houston/Brown news, Bobby Christina is looking much better with age and has lost all of her baby weight. However, it might be time for an orthodontic intervention...sooner than later!


  1. I still love Whitney - despite her lackluster performance last night. I even downloaded some of her songs today :)

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