February 07, 2012

Busy Bee + Bachelor

Oh my busy.

Two of my coworkers are gone at the same time and it is wreaking havoc on my ability to blog and stay connected. But at least not on my ability to watch The Bachelor at night!

That girl in the red dress who tried to dry hump Ben at the cocktail party was so painfully awkward. She did something that is hard to achieve = Made me feel so uncomfortable that I was embarrassed to be around people, and I was just by myself. Basically she embarrassed me in front of myself. That's hard to do.

She should have just quit while she was prudish and behind. At least that way she could have kept her dignity instead of ensuring that no guy will ever want to sleep with her again after the episode airs. Much less attempt to "talk dirty". Because if she wasn't already going to get sent home for lack of communication and connection, then it was definitely going to be for attempting the most awkward unwelcome lap dance in Bachelor history.

Semi-related, I have decided that Courtney wouldn't seem like such a sociopath if she didn't keep scrunching up her lips like she was about to turn into the exorcist and attack a bitch.

It's getting down to the nitty gritty. Only 6 more ladies and what will somehow be stretched into 10 more episodes to go!

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