February 23, 2012

Diveats - Smoothies

I've been making such amazing smoothies recently that it's almost scary. I really might have missed my calling as a Smoothista!

Look at that creamy perfection.

Let me tell you how I do it/Humor me.

In a blender, add about 4 ice cubes, and a frozen banana.

The frozen banana is KEY to this being essentially like a milkshake (yea, you read that right!). Just make sure to break the banana in chunks before you freeze it so it blends easier.

Then add about 3 frozen strawberries and a half cup of milk. Sometimes I add more depending on how big I want the smoothie.

Blend, stir, blend, push everything toward the bottom, blend, stir, and blend until it becomes totally smooth and chunk free. Then put in a cup, marvel at the fact that you made this totally luscious and 100% healthy smoothie, and eat it!

I also add some peanut butter to my spoon so that I get a little nibble with every spoonful of smoothie. I feel like peanut butter gets lost in smoothies if you blend it in, and peanut butter is something that needs to be tasted! So lacing the spoon with PB is my solution to getting lots of little bites.

I also usually add blueberries to the top, but this morning there was no room. My cup runneth over!

Look at that froth! It's just as good as a milkshake and 100% better for you!

Thanks for listening :) Sometimes things are too awesome to not share with the world.

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