February 02, 2012

Dry Shampoo 4Eva

Dry Shampoo Saved My Life.

It's dramatic, but it's true. Have you ever heard of Dry Shampoo before? I'm pretty sure I'm behind the better part of a decade on this one, but I have to throw this out there to those lost, greasy-headed souls who need a solution. I understand you. I was you.

...until last month when I bought dry shampoo at the urging of a hair stylist who gasped in HORROR when I told her at a cocktail party that I've never had a Brazilian Blow Out and that I didn't know what dry shampoo was.

After fruitlessly looking around the hair care aisle of Target for about 30 minutes (what would a dry shampoo look like anyway?! Is it liquid? Is it powder?), I finally found a bottle of it. It turns out it's a spray, by the way. I decided to buck up and buy in the $8 range instead of the $4 range, because I loathe the smell of baby powder and just couldn't take that risk.

I lucked out and ended up with a brand that doesn't smell like baby powder. And after spraying the hellll out of my hair with it, I watched in amazement as my greasy limp noodles were refreshed into a dry, voluminous head of hair.

Now I use it in the evening if I have an event and don't have time to shower. (It should be noted that an "event" in my life is drinking wine on someone's back porch with finger foods...but still, gotta freshen up the mane).

I also have a confession. This morning, after being way too tired and lazy after last night's concert, I didn't shower this morning! I just sprayed more dry shampoo in. This is noteworthy because this is just NOT something I can get away with. My hair is so naturally oily that it starts getting greasy before it even dries after I shampoo it. No joke.

Now, after I work out today, I can shower without feeling over-productive. (I really hate taking 2 showers in one day.)

Is it weird that my hair looks better 2 days old with dry shampoo than it does fresh out the shower? Wait, don't answer that!

Now, if only they made the dry shampoo version of soap, I'd never have to shower again!

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