February 22, 2012

Too big to fail fit

It happens every year.

I make the pilgrimage to Target, hoping to find cute bathing suits with even more adorable prices.

And every year I leave defeated bymy inability to fit into even what, according to Target, is an XL.

I took the liberty of doing a size comparison while I was in the dressing room for dramatic effect. (And to spare you from the actual sight of me in the bikini).

In my mind, an XL should be larger than the average bar of soap, which this one is NOT...and which you would be able to see if I'd turned the dang bar of soap vertical. Oops!

I bring this up only because it's miserable enough looking for waterproof pieces to showcase your big butt and boobs if you ain't "got it goin' on". Don't add insult to injury by making me pay top dollar and shop in a specialized section of J.Crew.Com for a top that fits.

Btw, in case you were wondering what it feel like to not even be able to wear the biggest size of something at a store, the answer is: Not that awesome.

I thought Target was for the regular people of this consumer-hungry world! And people with regular bodies :(

Any curvy ladies out there know a place to get non-XS suits on the cheap??

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