February 01, 2012

It's Personal and It's Free

Guess what?! I got a personal trainer.

And the best part is that it's free!

Ok, that's not entirely true. The free part is. Just not the part about getting a personal trainer.

I did, however, develop a diabolical scheme to get free expert advice from personal trainers without having to pay a penny.

I just started working out in the mornings the last couple of weeks and by doing so, I discovered a goldmine of free fitness advice. It turns out that morning are when most of the group and personal training sessions occur.

Here's how it works: I pound out some cardio for about 30-40 minutes on a machine that has a perfect view of the weight/training area of the gym. I study and memorize all of the moves that the clients do with their trainers, while playing dumb and pretending to watch the Today Show.

I particularly like the exercises that don't involve specialized weights. That way I can do the routines at home and no one will know that I'm stealing classified information.

It may sound like a pretty dishonest plan, and I don't know how much a personal trainer cost, but I know it's more than free, so I'm willing to look past the morality of my new fitness regime.

I had my first "session" last night while watching the Bachelor and doing all sorts of push ups and lunges, and I am sore! This is already proving to be the most efficient fitness regime ever. I get to work out while watching epic shows like the Bachelor and Biggest Loser, and I get to keep all my money!

Free tickets to the gun show!

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