November 24, 2009

Just Lost. No Found

Excuse my french, but WTF?!

Whitney Houston has talked through yet ANOTHER song! This time on the Dancing With the Stars finale.

Why bother making a comeback if you're not really going to come back? Do you really think that will be well received for any profitable duration?

Please! She didn't sing ANY choruses, any verses, or anything else for that matter! If you're going to talk through a song, do a dramatic monologue. Don't just plainly speak through a formerly hit song.

It's over Whitney. But thanks for driving home the fact that crack really is whack. It can ruin the voice of even the most formerly angelic performer.
I can't copy the link for some reason, but type this into and you can watch it. Whitney Houston - I wanna dance with somebody - DWTS. You will not be impressed.

1 comment:

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