February 20, 2012

Family Decals - Psychotic Episode edition

Wowza. Don't think I want to go on a family vacay with this clan. From this range it appears we have a golfer, a skater, a girl with a chainsaw, a poor swimmer with floaties, a candy striper?, and the world's most giant Cardinal bird. Oh and one scraggly dog, two birds that look like they are from a cartoon, and a deamon skull with a Jester hat on.

Do you notice anything missing from this family unit? PARENTS! Someone call Child Protective Services. And Animal Control while you're at it!

Part of me hopes that this is all a big joke that someone decided to play on their car. But, thanks to some research I did last week, I happen to know that these decals are not cheap! That's one stupid, expensive joke if it is indeed a joke. And if not, may this family never unleash the giant bird on the rest of the world!

1 comment:

  1. hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa this is so hilarious! :) i showed some co-workers that I like this! all dying laughing!