February 09, 2012

Who's House?

Uugh that game last night. It pretty much ended in the worst case scenario. Unless, of course, you are Duke. In which case it was the best and most exciting outcome possible.

I hate that we lost on a 3-point shot. I find Duke's style of playing to be very uninteresting when they just continuously make 3 point shots and never really drive the ball.

To me, Duke is not what college basketball should be. I think a basketball team's racial ratio should be like the gender ratio at UNC (which is about 70:30 female to male I think). There should be way more black dudes on a team than white. Even Duke's black guys are white. (Please see RIVERS, the petite white/black man that ruined my evening with his final shot). So it's basically just a bunch of pasty, white, Yankee, 3-point making one-trick ponies. That I do NOT want to mount.

Ok that's all. If you're a Duke fan, don't respond. I am just venting my frustration at an unbelievable game and heartbreaking loss.

The real story of the night was the experience of watching a basketball game that started at 9pm. It turns out, gone are the days of me pre-gaming it during the game and then going out afterwards with my friends, like in college...which was apparently a long time ago?! I enjoyed watching it with my husband last night over some wine, but the whole time I was terrified at how bad I would feel in the morning from staying up so late. What a thrill!

My price points haven't changed. I just went from drinking $7.00 12-packs of Busch Light to $5 bottles of whatever wine is on sale.

But hot damn my curfew has. After drinking excitedly during the whole game, we panicked when only 5 minutes were left, strategizing how much water we could drink before bed without wetting it and how many ibuprofen we could safely take with overdosing.

If I was waiting for that "Aha!" moment to alert me that I'm not that young anymore, that was probably it.

I have been hungover exactly once at my new job and it was terrible. There is nothing worse than people expecting a lot out of you when your brain is functioning at 20%. Especially when that 20% just wants to never stop eating snacks.

Luckily whatever I did worked! I feel fine this morning but my heart still hearts :( I hate losing to Dookies more than I hate politics.

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