January 02, 2012

Another Year

Happy New Years to All!

This year I have decided, that in order to assure 100% success in my resolutions, I am just going to resolve to keep on eating and drinking. That way I know I will be successful and achieve my goal to nth degree.

Why set yourself up for failure by saying that you're going to lose 10 pounds or quit drinking soft drinks? Just go buy some Coke and a slammin' sammy and be happy to settle.

One new thing is that I am working full-time now so I guess I can aspire to be a powerful business woman. But I have found in the last 6 years that your rise to the top is directly disproportionate to your proximity to the front desk. This make the odds of my corporate takeover less than promising. Only time will tell.

In semi-related news, I think New Years Eve is the single worst holiday of the year. Next year I'm either going balls to the wall and partying my ass off, or putting on my Christmas pajama pants, renting footloose, and eating Chinese food on my couch. I just can't go half-way. It's not in my genes.

What's new for you in 2012? My sister is getting married this year!! And I might get a dog if I can get over my need to wash my hands everytime I pet a K9. There isn't enough lotion in the world to make that many handwashes ok.

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