January 18, 2012

Oh to be young...and superficial

This is one of the more unusual things I found in the baby box that my mom gave me recently. A letter to my parents from camp:

I know that was the summer that I had a broken wrist, so I can understand updating them on the health of my arm. But look closely. I actually mention that I broke a nail, but it is ok because it was only one and it "wasn't important".

Oh my stars. I actually wrote home from camp to tell me parents that I broke a nail.

You know, this whole Diva thing has always been a joke because I am not a diva at all. In fact I can be quite manish at times.

But apparently there was more truth to it in my younger years. Lil' Marilyn did NOT like to mess up her nails apparently!

Wow I bet my mom was so relieved to get that information.

Kids say the most superficial darndest things!

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