January 16, 2012

Diveats - Potato Skins

Tonight my husband went to a man party. I thought it would be fun to send him with some potato skins. I've always secretly wanted to make them but not-so-secretly not wanted to be stuck in a house or at a party with them.

I lack a little thing called self-control. BREAKING NEWS!

I used this recipe.

I baked these bitches up for an hour at 350.

Scooped the crap out of the middle. That wasn't very fun, but I managed.

The recipe calls for a mixture of the following ingredients that you then brush on the skins on the inside and outside.

Pretty maids all in a row. Basted and beautiful.

Closeup: Are you drooling? I was at this point. But not into the potato skin. Don't worry.

Bake them on each side for 7-8 minutes. Then add cheese and bacon and bake for 2 more minutes to melt cheese.

Awesome toppings. Terrible cheese mess.

Final product:

Droooooooool. I hope the guys like them!

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