January 10, 2012

Another Monday, Another Bachelor Episode

Who's watching "The Bachelor" this season?

So far it's been shaping up to be pretty terrible, but I've already invested 4 hours/2 episodes of my life so I might as well stick to it? The last two Mondays my husband has gotten dibs on the TV with DVR for bowl games, etc., so I've been confined to our bedroom with non-fast-forwardable shows and countless Monistat 7 commercials while watching Ben and his bevy of bat shit crazy girls vie for his love...for 2-3 months.

As usual, there is an alpha-crazy on this season. Blakeley is this season's one-to-hate. And, it shames me to say, she is from North Carolina. And it should shame her to say that she is a "VIP Cocktail Waitress". First of all, what is that if not a paid escort? Second of all, she is from Rutherfordton, NC. What the hell is VIP about that place? Any city with that many syllables that isn't the capitol of a state is undoubtedly just one redneck short of a hick convention.

Regarding Ben, and in spite of his heinous long butt cut and affinity for vests, I think he's a nice enough guy. He seems genuine, has a decent bod, and has a cool job, so that's good. But I cheated and looked up Reality Steve and who the "winner" is. And I can say, without giving away the ending, that despite how genuine and sincere Ben seems, he ends up thinking with his penis. Instead of the part of his brain that steers clear of girls who clearly aren't attracted to him and imminent doom.

Final thought: I am very glad that Jenna got the boot last night. Her makeup was runny, her job is simply listed as "Blogger" (that's borderline shady vague), and she flat out told Ben that she was "Like, not a girl," before running off sobbing under the covers. You definitely dodged a bullet there Benny!

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