January 19, 2012

To Be Young

This is the second-to-last thing I have marked to share with you from my baby box. I might have to scrounge up some more memories if you guys have enjoyed this segment.

This memory is actually from a church newsletter. It shows how I rose to fame in the Advent Workshop of 1991...wearing high-waisted jeans and a homemade shirt with painted leafs pressed on it.

Now, why someone would put this in a newsletter is beyond me. Besides the obvious fashion mistakes, my eyes are 100% closed and I'm not even smiling.

My facial expression and hand placement make it look like I am cringing, whilst placing my right hand into a box of mud and worms.

Surely there was another youngster at the workshop that made for a cuter photo subject? Or perhaps it was just a slow year for the paper wreath corner of that particular early-nineties Advent Workshop. Truly one of history's great mysteries.

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