January 14, 2012

People have been asking for pictures of my new house ever since we bought it. I FINALLY have some before and afters to show. We shall start with a very uninteresting before and after of the laundry room closet.

Before, there was nothing;

Now, there is both a washer and a dryer AND shelves. My wonderful in-laws gave us the appliances as a housewarming gift, then my father-in-law was kiNd and talented enough to come install the shelf for us. I am a lucky girl. Not only did I get a gifted washer and dryer, I also think I am the only recently married person I know to love literally everything about their in-laws. Instead of awkwardness, it's like having second parents. Que magnifique!
Fear not, the next before and afters will be more creative. At least accodring to me. And I'm not creative at all. So, get your grain of salt...and stay tuned.

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