January 17, 2012


Uuugh. The Bachelor is so bad this year.

I simply could not believe my ears when I heard the conversation between Ben and Emily about match.com.

In an odd turn of events, Emily signed up for match.com and was subsequently matched up with her BROTHER, who was also on match.com. I die.

If that happened to me, and I was romantically linked to my blood-related sibling, my next move wouldn’t be to go on a dating show on national TV. It would be to join a convent.

It is also very enlightening when Lindzi C. goes on her one-on-one date with Ben and then, because it’s too awkward to bear anymore awkward silences, they kiss. She then tells the camera that she “usually doesn’t kiss guys on a first date.” Well, duh Lindzi. Most girls don’t. This is not a normal scenario and it is also not normal for your date to be sucking face with dozens of other women when he’s not with you. Normal went out the window when you accepted a thorny flower in exchange for one more week in a group house of desperates.

Speaking of things that aren't normal, have you notice that Ben always goes for the open-mouth kiss, and the girls almost never do? That’s awkward. And probably really slobbery.

It made me feel really dirty when Ben tells the reddish-haired girl (Jennifer, I think) that she is “definitely the best kisser in the house.” Ummm, that is definitely NOT a compliment. That’s like saying, “Out of all of the crazy sluts that are here for fame and a four month relationship, you put out the most and the best.”

And of course there's Shawntel. Who shows up for no reason other than the fact that she is a glutton for public humiliation?

Oh, and Courtney’s sociopathic personality continues to haunt my dreams.

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