January 15, 2012

Ice Cream Sundays - Cherry Garcia

I'm not going to lie to you gang. I was not looking forward to trying this flavor. Actually, I kind of was, because I thought I was going to hate it and because it comes in a small size, both attributes that I definitely needed in my life.

But surprisingly, it wasn't bad at all. It definitely wasn't my favorite, and I didn't care for the cherry chunks. And I only had a few bites. But that was mostly for self-preserveration purposes, not because of sucky ice cream. The best part was really the amount and richness of the dark chocolate chunks in the cool, creamy ice cream.

The ice cream was cherry flavored which I wouldn't think would be good. But, as it turns out, you can add cream and sugar and milk to any flavor and it as long as it's fattening, it's great!

I won't buy this again, but if you like cherry flavored things, you will love this!


Flavors Tried - 13

Pounds Gained - 1-ish. grrrr

Favorite Flavor - Cinnamon Buns and Strawberry Cheesecake (I want to say just Cinnamon Buns because it's so fresh on my mind, but I can't forget how special Strawberry Cheesecake made me feel that warm summer day when I had a raging headache.)

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  1. We took Cinnamon Buns to the Preyer's, of course they LOVED it!!