January 03, 2012

Oooh To Be Young

Yesterday my mom gave me a box of stuff from way back in the day. Letters from camp, report cards, miscellaneous pictures, etc.

I learned a lot about myself my sifting through them so I thought I'd share in a series of posts called "To Be Young".

The first thing that was really obvious was that I've always had a real knack for accessories.

For instance, behold the following looks:

No outfit is better suited for playing in the mulch than a sparkly, body-consuming leotard and a tiara. My sister in the back thought that tutus looked better around her ankles, but I always knew better. It has to be around your waist to ensure that your arms are always in perfect first position.

That is a miniature hat clip. It looks a lot like a hat that a senior citizen living at retirement community somewhere in Florida might where on his head, only shrunk down to clip size for unknowing little girls.

Hats off to that look!

This was during my Elton John phase in the mid 1980's. It's true what they say, all you need for a good moped ride is a pair of oversized shades, a pearl necklace, and a diaper.

This is what I like to call my "grumpy spunky" look. Yes my hair may indicate that I am going to an epic dance party later, but check out the facial expression. I'ma cut you, bitch.

And this is from when I used to be a valet at a restaurant.

Plaid Vest - CHECK

White Turtleneck - CHECK

Shit-eating Grin - CHECK

Stay tuned for more awesome looks and letters from the 80's and beyond.

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