January 14, 2012

Master Closet - Before and After

Because no one lived in our house for a year or so while the seller was redoing parts of it, there were no fixtures or shelves in our entire house. Zero.

This was the master closet when we moved in. Bare walls.

Hardly a place for a lady to hang her things!

Now it looks like this:

After getting a very expensive quote from a closet designer, we went right on over to Lowe's and got a closet-in-a-box for about 15% of what it would have cost to use a professional.

I'm not showing this to show off my clothes because, let's be honest, a style icon I am not. I am, however, showing this to show my husband's crazy skills with a screwdriver and a pair of directions. And what he calls my "dream closet".

*Since building this closet for me he has since become bitterly jealous and made several failed attempts at turning random closets in our home to his own dream closet.

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