January 04, 2012

January Joiners

Have you ever heard of the term January Joiners? The definition is here, but it is basically a person that makes a new year's resolution to suddenly hit the gym in January.

I've never really seen it in full force until yesterday. I went to the gym after work, expecting there to be the usual 5-10 cars in the parking lot.

Instead there was what appeared to be a convention nearby, so the lot was almost totally full. I was wondering what the convention was for but didn't stop to look, just went in to the gym.

Oh my cardio. There was nary a machine left to use. January Joiners had taken the place over!

Now I don't want to be the type of person that wishes people to fail, but I sure do hope the gym population goes back down to a maximum of 10. That was my favorite part of this particular gym!

They should do like I did and just not make any resolutions! I am already succeeding with flying colors!

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