January 25, 2012

Fattening DUH

Who here is upset about Paula Deen having Type II Diabetes and profiting from her announcement/partnership with a Diabetes medicine company?

Not me. Have you seen the woman cook? I was about as shocked to hear that she had Diabetes as I was when Ricky Martin finally came out of the closet (i.e., not at all).

I'm also not mad that she is making money off of her disease. Why would she stop now? She made money getting fat and unhealthy, so what's the difference? If you weren't mad at for adding 4 sticks of butter to everything she's ever made on her cooking show, then you can't be mad that she is getting sponsored to publicize her diabetes. It's the same thing. If you are mad about one and not the other, then you are in a state of denial.

It isn't really Paula Deen's responsibility to inform American viewers on how to not get Diabetes. If you don't already know that eating a burger in between two donuts is going to stop your heart and fatten your ass, then you have so very many serious problems. Child please!

On the flip side, if you model what you eat after a woman who now has a disease that she brought on herself, and is now going around admitting that she will not change the way she cooks or eats (which can make the disease go away, which you'd know if you ever seen the Biggest Loser), then you are just stupid.

Technically, all parties are stupid here. Paula for giving herself diabetes. The American public for blindly emulating her cooking style. And me for giving a shit.

I would never make a Paula Deen recipe. They gross me out, are excessively fattening, and can easily be substituted for recipes that won't make you die on the spot.

America, knowing that is half of the battle. Now step away from the mayonnaise!

*In other bittersweet Paula Deen news, check out this video of her getting hit in the head with a frozen ham. That's just good stuff.

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